Slick Stitch started as a small embroiderer in the late 1980s, founded by the Jain family, at the time running a textile market stall holder in Wolverhampton. They had noticed a growing demand for embroidered goods, and suggested to fellow traders that they may buy a machine if they would agree to use them for their work.

Thirty years later, we now own the biggest collection of embroidery machines in Europe. With over 1200 hundred heads stitching around the clock, Slick Stitch provides embroidery for clients large and small. Additionally, Slick Stitch creates logos in house via its digitising service, as well as providing services such as printing, warehousing, and logistics. All of this has been made possible by significant investment in systems, which allow our customers to integrate their systems into ours. This is particularly important for e-commerce operators, where delivery time is critical to success.

Facts & Figures


People in the office


People in the factory

Picked Orders

Daily there are picked over 15000 garments.


Machines: 250;
Heads: 1200;
Embroidered garments: 30,000/day;
Stitches: 200,000,000/day;


Press Machines
Full size – 13;
Chest/Sleeve size – 10;
Printed garments: 15,000/day


Dispatched garments: 45,000/day